For Concrete Supply

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We have successfully manufactured and delivered 1200 m3 in 22 hours from our 60 m3 RMC Plant . We have successfully manufactured and delivered 600 m3 in 13 hours from our 60 m3 RMC Plant
Concrete Made with OPC/OPC+FA/PPC for grades M10-M60 Our concrete product is approved by Asias larges consultant : EIL
We are eminent processors of a quality range of stone Aggregates which is widely used in various industries owing to its premium quality, weather resistance and durability. Our range comprises…. 10mm Aggregate/20mm aggregate/crushed sand.
We follow the practice of quality assurance with the following parameters:
  • stringent control on the quality of all input materials used in production through rigorous testing
  • Stringent process control measures involving thorough inspection, good upkeep of equipment etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of the key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened states, including their statistical analysis
Our latest processing technique helps to enhance pumpability, Compaction and decreases consumption cement