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We have successfully manufactured and delivered 1200 m3 in 22 hours from our 60 m3 RMC Plant . We have successfully manufactured and delivered 600 m3 in 13 hours from our 60 m3 RMC Plant
Ready-mixed concrete is one of the main businesses of Amit Infra. In all the developed as well as most of the developing nations, use of RMC for construction has made it possible to achieve speed and quality. Amit Infra has successfully demonstrated its capability of producing high-performance concretes with differing performance characteristics such as high-early strength, high flowability, and stringent durability characteristics satisfying the specified permeability properties.
The advent of commercial RMC in India is about a decade old, but in recent years it has become the preferred choice of architects, engineers and consumers. Amit Infra Logic is committed to provide customized high quality RMC for ensuring speedy construction.
At present we have the following types of concrete mixes available for supply from our RMC plant.
Special Product
  • High strength Concrete (HSC) e.g. M70, M80
  • Temperature Controlled Concrete (TCC)
  • Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)
  • Dry Lean Concrete (DLC)
  • Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)
  • Rheodynamic Mix Concrete (RDC)
  • High Density Concrete (HDC)
  • High Volume Fly Ash (HVFA)
  • Coloured Concrete (CC)
Apart from these standard concrete mixes, we can develop & supply tailor made concrete mixes for any of the customer’s specific requirements
On account of our big setup the availability of material stock and commitment never fails